Commercial refrigeration & RTU blower motor solutions

Commercial refrigeration accounts for 20% of all energy used in this world. The Walk-In and Reach-In Display Case EC motors, installed to upgrade your refrigeration systems, result in drastic energy savings. Result= $ savings on your monthly utility bill. We offer dual-speed EC motors for commercial refrigeration & three-phased EC motors for industrial-sized applications.

“We take out old and efficient technologies and replace them with new energy efficient technologies .”


ENERGY COST SAVINGS UP TO 70% Installing FridgeWize EC motors reduce

energy usage by up to 70%.

Ryan Grobler, President , Fridgewize

Energy Savings Data and our products

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Benefits of Choosing Advanced RTU System From FridgeWize

• Only Advanced RTU in the market that has a Permanent Magnet ECM

motor to provide additional savings

• Motor and Control integrated together

• Shaft Grounding Ring Included

• No VFD bypass mode

• No motor failure issues from VFD

• Ease of Installation & Operation

• Same Components Utilized in OEM Systems for High Reliability

Measured Energy Savings with RTU Air Handler upgrade

Advanced Roof-top Unit & Air Handler Motor Proposal 10 Ton Unit

Unit        kW/hr Savings        Savings/Year      System Cost   Rebate    Payback

1                48,818                      $4,882                    $15,435           $4,882      2.16

2                44,837                      $4,484                    $5,080             $2,540       0.57

3               110,063                     $11,006                  $34,728          $11,006   2.16

4                 76,455                     $7,645                     $16,539         $8,270       1.08

5                 10,565                     $1,056                     $3,859             $1,056      2.65

Total        290,737                    $29,074              $75,641         $27,754  1.65

Total Installed Cost: $ 75,641 (19 Units)

Estimated Potential Rebate $ 27,754

Net System Installed Price $ 47,887

Estimated Yearly Savings $ 29,074

Payback Period 1.65 Years

Example data is from National Restaurant Client

Advanced Roof-Top Unit (RTU) Control

Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM)

An Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) is more efficient than a motor that uses either the Permanent Split Capacitor (PSC) or 3 phase induction technology. This is due to the fact that the motor is a permanent magnet motor which has fewer losses than a standard induction motor. With an integrated electronic control, similar to a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), the motor can be programmed to operate in various modes. For the rooftop package unit, the motor is programmed for variable speed. It will

operate at various speeds depending on the advanced roof-top unit control parameters. The advanced roof-top unit control will evaluate the thermostat call and compare it relative to the outside air temperature and humidity, and decide what mode to run: heating stage 1, heating stage 2,

cooling stage 1, cooling stage 2, economizing, or continuous fan. It will reduce the motor speed in order to optimize airflow but also deliver energy savings.